What’s Going On With Billie Eilish’s New Album? Here’s All The Clues We Have So Far

After Billie Eilish wrote the song of the year, arguably for the movie of the year — she created “What Was I Made For?” for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie — the singer is diving right into promotion for her third studio album. That’s right, more Billie Eilish music is coming real soon. Here’s what we know.

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Aside from “What Was I Made For?” becoming what Eilish calls one of her “best vocal performances” ever and being among 2024’s Oscar winners for Best Original Song, it’s actually been almost three years since the pop artist’s last album, Happier Than Ever. But, now Eilish is getting ready to deliver on a new collection of songs for us to ugly cry to. Here’s the clues we have so far:

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Billie Eilish’s Third Album Is Already Finished

First off, Billie Eilish announced back in February that her upcoming “album is mastered” through a caption on Instagram. Check out the post:

Plus, while Billie Eilish was on the press trail promoting her Barbie song throughout last year, she dropped mentions of writing new music here and there regarding what she was working on, of course with her brother Finneas.

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Now, when an album is produced that’s not the only thing that goes into it. Eilish also has to create visual messages like album artwork and music videos. Nonetheless, it looks like it’s game time!

Mysterious Billie Eilish Billboards Have Appeared All Over The World

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At the top of April (this week), fans noticed billboards popping up all over the world with random words written in blue alongside Billie Eilish’s logo. Such as this one:


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