Venom: The Last Dance | Trailer 2 (HD)

Venom: The Last Dance - Official Trailer - In Cinemas October 25

Spider-Man first received his black symbiote suit during Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars event in 1984, so the MCU’s Secret Wars adaptation would be a fantastic opportunity to show off this alien upgrade. If Holland’s Peter Parker does use the Venom suit to his advantage in Spider-Man 4 and Avengers: Secret Wars, a battle between the legendary adversaries might not take place until Spider-Man 5 or beyond. Since Holland is returning for a new trilogy of Spider-Man films, this battle could even end with him exiting the role, allowing for a new Spider-Man to take his place.

The Venom: The Last Dance trailer has caused confusion about Venom’s existence in the MCU, as Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character appears to be capturing the part of the symbiote that was left behind after No Way Home. However, this could turn out to be a ruse, perhaps taking place in the SSU itself, meaning that this part of Venom still remains intact.

Venom: The Last Dance | Trailer 2 (HD) - YouTube

If either Eddie Brock or Venom are killed in Venom: The Last Dance, as suspected, Venom could move into the MCU using this symbiote remnant, setting him up to face Spider-Man very soon.

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