THE MEG 3: The Rise Of Rhincodon First Trailer (2024) Jason Statham, Wu Jing

The Meg is a successful franchise because of its unique take on shark film. The biggest shark in the world is a great concept. Last one had one, the second film had three, to top this for the 3rd I made the plot 10 megalodons. I teased this with the A.I voice “Jonas Taylor, we need your assistance.

The Meg 3: Fury From the Deep | Teaser Trailer 2024 - Warner Bros Concept -  YouTube

There has been multiple sightings of Megalodon world wide. We need to know what’s causing this.” Then to make the plot realistic we need a root cause for the problem. So I made it about evil scientist using Meg’s DNA to create clones to make money.

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I made this clear with the line from A.I “Jonas we have a reason to believe there is a lab somewhere where they are using the megalodon DNA to replicate it for profit.” Then in the next scene I showed Jonas locating the lab to take it down.

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One element I made sure to include is the giant octopus which was featured in The Meg 2: The trench. The perfect line to end the trailer with “There are 10 megalodon, we will take down every last one of them” from Jason Taylor using A.I.

MEG 2: GŁĘBIA | Kino Sokół

Overall I think the trailer went well thanks to fresh clips from the low budget megalodon film called Black Demon. I had a lot of fun looking forward to making more The Meg 3 dream trailers, hopefully next time we get more cast!

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