THE BEAST WITHIN Trailer (2024) Monster Movie | 4K UHD

Kit Harington is finally going full wolf.

Five years after he last played noted wolf-lover Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, the English actor appears to be on the verge of becoming one himself in the upcoming monster movie, The Beast Within.

Kit Harrington in 'The Beast Within.'

Here’s the official synopsis for the “otherworldly” tale: “After a series of strange events lead her to question her family’s isolated life on a fortified compound deep in the English wilds, 10-year-old Willow (Caoilinn Springall) follows her parents on one of their secret late-night treks to the heart of the ancient forest. But upon witnessing her father (Harington) undergo a terrible transformation, she too becomes ensnared by the dark ancestral secret they’ve tried so desperately to conceal.”

Kit Harrington in 'The Beast Within.'

While the exclusive trailer (above) doesn’t come right out and say it, there are some clues that the creature Harington transforms into once a month is something like a werewolf. His long claws, fangs, and yellow-y, canine-like eyes offer some hints, but it’s the repeated shots of the full moon that feel especially telling. Oh, and we also see Harington’s wife in the film (played by Ashleigh Cummings) strap a sturdy dog collar around his neck as he squats naked in a cage (or, erm, kennel).

Whether he’s a werewolf or some other nightmare creature of yore, Harington’s character does seem to have an affinity for draping himself in wolf-life fur robes to get comfy on the days after his rampages. We even see his wife considerately washing the blood stains out of it for him.

Kit Harington in THE BEAST WITHIN and Game of Thrones

In one shot of Harington bundled up in fur, he looks remarkably like his old character, the King of the North. In fact, he even declares himself the “King of the woods” in the trailer, and crowns his daughter princess. Speaking of poor Willow, whatever her family’s “dark ancestral secret” turns out to be, she appears to be afflicted by it too. We see the youngster peeling off her own fingernails and growing fangs — never a good sign.

The Beast Within, documentary filmmaker Alexander J. Farrell’s narrative feature debut, hits theaters on July 26 and makes its world premiere at this summer’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

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