The Babadook 2 | Short Horror Film

Fans of horror cinema have a new reason to celebrate as the highly anticipated teaser trailer for “The Babadook 2” has been released. Set to hit theaters in 2024, this sequel promises to deliver even more spine-chilling scares and psychological horror than its predecessor.
The Babadook 2 Trailer (2019) - Horror Movie | FANMADE HD - YouTube
The Babadook 2 | Short Horror Film - YouTube
“The Babadook 2” picks up years after the events of the first film, where Amelia and her son Samuel battled the sinister creature from a mysterious children’s book. The new teaser hints at a return of the terrifying entity, suggesting that the nightmare is far from over. As shadows loom and eerie whispers fill the air, it becomes clear that the Babadook is back with a vengeance.
The Babadook' Review | Sundance 2014
The Babadook - Official UK Online Trailer (2014)
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