SNOW: Game of Thrones Trailer (2024)

Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon is now well under way, and hopes for a Jon Snow sequel just got even stronger. You know nothing about HBO’s post-Game of Thrones plans. While nothing has been officially confirmed or given the green light by HBO or Harington himself, that hasn’t stopped intense excitement from brewing. Rumours say the network has entered into early development on its first sequel to its blockbuster fantasy drama: a live-action spinoff series centered on the fan-favorite character Jon Snow.SNOW Teaser (2024) With Kit Harington & Kristofer Hivju

Kit Harington is attached to reprise the role should a series move forward. The actor was twice nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of an action hero who struggles to uphold his family’s noble values in a brutal world. In Thrones’ eighth and final season, Jon Snow discovered his true name was Aegon Targaryen, a potential heir to the Iron Throne. In the series finale, he was exiled from Westeros and journeyed North of the Wall with the Wildlings to leave his old life behind.

This development news means there are now seven Thrones projects in the works in addition to House of the Dragon prequel series.

A Jon Snow sequel is happening, and the spinoff show could well just end up being Game of Thrones season 9 in all but name. When Game of Thrones ended in 2019, it was already clear HBO had big plans for continuing to explore Westeros. However, the expectation then – and for a couple of years afterwards – was that the spinoff shows would all be brand-new stories, with considerable distance from Game of Thrones. There could be multiple prequels, but it didn’t seem like there would be any direct sequels.SNOW 2024 Game of Thrones Sequel BIG News REVEALED! - YouTube
That has changed with news of a Jon Snow sequel show, which will see Kit Harington return to the role that made him famous and pick up his story after Game of Thrones’ ending. Snow is set up as its own distinct series with a new creative team – there’ll be no return for Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss – but it’s not quite as simple as that. In contrast to something like House of the Dragon, this spinoff will be inextricably linked to its parent show. And with that, it will be the closest thing possible to Game of Thrones season 9.
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