Pique and Shakira are continuously entangled in scandals with s*x clips exposed

Former Barca midfielder Gerard Pique and famous Colombian singer Shakira encountered countless troubles when sex clips were constantly leaked.

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They were once considered a “power couple” in the Spanish entertainment and sports industry, because they are both influential names in their fields. Every move of Pique and Shakira always attracts special attention from fans. The two first met in 2010, when Pique appeared in Shakira’s music video “Waka Waka, This Time for Africa”.

Although they have two sons Milan and Sasha together, unfortunately the famous Colombian singer and the former Barca star broke up in June 2022. It’s even more shocking when the main cause of the emotional breakdown was the interruption from Clara Chia Marti. Upset by Pique’s blatant betrayal, Shakira took her two sons to live in Miami, USA last summer.

In fact, before breaking the love contract, many storms arose in Pique and Shakira’s relationship that lasted more than a decade. In September 2012, rumors spread that Shakira’s two former maids had a 15-minute sex clip between the Colombian singer and Pique. The identities of these two maids were later named by Interviu magazine: Divider Hernandez and his wife Maritza Martinez.

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The source of the scandal was that Hernandez and his wife felt frustrated after being fired for not preparing chicken soup for Shakira at midnight. Thinking that Shakira had treated her cruelly, the Hernandez couple demanded compensation from the contract. However, Shakira “reluctantly” refused to pay and the maid and her husband began to retaliate. They threatened to release a sensitive video clip if Shakira did not pay the full amount of 250,000 euros.

Interviu newspaper quoted a source close to Shakira about this clip: “The clip is about 15 minutes long and was filmed with a mobile phone. I guess one of Shakira’s employees filmed the scene in the yacht’s cockpit that day. Although the image is poor, we can guess that it is a 15-20 m long yacht. The woman who came out was Shakira in a bikini… Someone was with her. I saw there were a few drinks and they started making love gestures.” The information that Invervieu released shocked many people, especially Barcelona fans at that time. Along with that, the lives of Pique and Shakira’s family have been significantly turned upside down. The incident later calmed down and according to knowledgeable people, instead of reporting to the police, Pique and Shakira silently paid the two maids mentioned above.

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In 2015, the newspaper Diario Vasco (Spain) published information about the couple Gerard Pique and Shakira having their faces distorted by a former employee who threatened to spread their sex clips. Accordingly, if the former Barcelona defender does not spend a large sum of money, this person will post hot clips of him and Shakira on the Internet. Just like last time, Pique and Shakira “sweetened their lips” when they accepted to pay the person who threatened to release the hot clip. If anything, Pique and Shakira must blame themselves first for their indiscretion in letting private images fall into the wrong hands.

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