Meteor – First Impact Teaser

“Meteor” is a 1979 American science fiction disaster film directed by Ronald Neame and starring Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden, Brian Keith, Martin Landau, Trevor Howard, Joseph Campanella, Richard Dysart, Henry Fonda, and John Findlater. The film’s screenplay was written by Edmund H. North and Stanley R. Greenberg.

Doomsday Meteor - Official Trailer

The story revolves around a five-mile-wide asteroid, “Orpheus,” that is on a collision course with Earth after being struck by a comet. The impact would create catastrophic damage and potentially end human civilization. In a desperate effort to avert disaster, the U.S. government teams up with the Soviet Union to use their respective space-based nuclear weapons to destroy the asteroid.

Meteor - First Impact Teaser - YouTube

Central to the plot is Dr. Paul Bradley (Sean Connery), a former NASA engineer who initially designed the U.S. satellite weapon system but left NASA due to ethical concerns over its militarization. As the asteroid approaches, Bradley is called back into action to lead the effort to save the planet.

DOOMSDAY METEOR Official Trailer (2023) Patrick Laborteaux

The film explores themes of international cooperation, the perils of space, and the potential consequences of militarizing space technology. Despite its ambitious premise and star-studded cast, “Meteor” received mixed reviews upon its release and is often noted for its special effects, which were considered cutting-edge for its time.

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