MALEFICENT 3: Dark Fae Teaser (2024) With Elle Fanning & Angelina Jolie

Fans of the beloved Maleficent saga are buzzing with anticipation as Disney releases the teaser trailer for Maleficent 3: Dark Fae, featuring the return of Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie in their iconic roles. Following the success of its predecessors, this next installment promises to delve deeper into the enchanted realms and complex characters that have enchanted audiences worldwide.

MALEFICENT 3: Dark Fae Teaser (2024) With Angelina Jolie & Elle Fanning

The teaser opens with a spellbinding glimpse into the mystical world inhabited by Elle Fanning’s Princess Aurora, now Queen, and Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, the once-villainous fairy who became an unexpected protector and maternal figure. Against a backdrop of lush, otherworldly landscapes and soaring cinematic visuals, the teaser hints at a new chapter fraught with both peril and redemption.


Elle Fanning’s portrayal of Queen Aurora continues to evolve, showcasing her character’s strength and determination as she navigates the challenges of ruling her kingdom amidst looming threats from both within and beyond the enchanted realm. Her journey promises to explore themes of leadership, sacrifice, and the enduring bond between mother and daughter, forged amidst the turmoil of conflicting destinies.

MALEFICENT 3: Dark Fae - Teaser Trailer | Disney Studios | Fantasy Movie -  YouTube

Angelina Jolie returns with commanding presence as Maleficent, whose enigmatic past and formidable powers are once again thrust into the forefront. The teaser teases glimpses of Maleficent grappling with her dual nature as both a protector and a creature of darkness, hinting at a deeper exploration of her origins and her role in shaping the destiny of the magical beings she once stood against.


As the teaser unfolds, viewers are treated to tantalizing glimpses of new alliances and adversaries, each poised to challenge the fragile peace that Aurora and Maleficent have fought so hard to secure. The stakes are higher than ever as the characters confront ancient prophecies, vengeful adversaries, and the consequences of past choices that threaten to unravel the fabric of their world.

Maleficent 3: Dark Fae promises to captivate audiences with its blend of fantasy, adventure, and emotional depth, driven by the compelling performances of Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie. Directed by visionary storyteller Joachim Rønning, the film is set to continue the saga’s tradition of breathtaking visuals and poignant storytelling, offering audiences a journey into a world where magic and humanity collide.


Prepare to be enchanted once more as Maleficent 3: Dark Fae prepares to weave its spellbinding tale when it hits theaters in [insert release year], promising an epic conclusion to one of Disney’s most beloved modern fairy tales. Stay tuned for more updates as the realms of darkness and light collide in this eagerly awaited cinematic event.

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