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Actor Idris Elba believes that a sequel to Luther: The Fallen Sun has a good chance of happening. Debuting as a show on the BBC in 2010, Luther starred Elba as the titular detective, John Luther, as he seeks to solve a series of grisly crimes and find inner peace in the process. The series was a huge hit, running for five seasons and 20 episodes, before concluding in January 2019. The Fallen Sun, which was released on Netflix in 2023, found Luther trying to stop a serial killer who uses technology to murder his victims.

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In an interview with Collider, Elba stated there is a very good chance that Luther could don his trench coat again, as rumors of a movie sequel begin to gather speed. The Wire actor seemed to react positively to the prospect of more Luther in the future, expressing optimism in the project, but revealing that he is not involved with the script.

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Luther: The Fallen Sun left many questions unanswered, which provides the opportunity for exploration in another movie. In particular, the movie ends with the titular character being approached by the government, commending him for the case. A car door is then opened for him, with Luther smiling. The movie concludes there, leaving Luther’s fate uncertain, but it can be assumed that the government had good intentions for him.

Luther: The Fallen Sun' casts a dim light despite Idris Elba's star power |  CNN

While nothing much is known about the possible story or script ideas for a sequel, many avenues could be explored. Luther writer and creator Neil Cross revealed the initial idea came from a prequel script he wrote for the show. While Luther: The Fallen Sun ended up being a sequel to the show, there is a chance Cross might have other scripts lying around that could be used for another movie.

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