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“Wonder Woman” filmmaker Patty Jenkins said she “tossed out” Whedon’s take on the character; Snyder doesn’t go that far, but his new version at least knows who the beloved superhero is at her core.

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Snyder at least attempts to remind us of who Diana is through measurable actions. That’s obvious in one of the few Diana-centric scenes that appears in both the theatrical version and the Snyder Cut.

The 'Justice League' movie's greatest sin is reducing Wonder Woman to a sidekick

In each film, Wonder Woman first appears while saving a group of field-tripping schoolchildren from a nefarious band of criminals who take them hostage as part of their plan to blow up a chunk of London. (Neither cut is at all interested in digging deeper into these bad guys and their scheme, which apparently involves resetting the modern world.)

Justice League': Snyder Cut Delivers a Better Wonder Woman

In both versions, Diana defeats the villains, foils their plan, saves the kids, and keeps the world safe. With a nearly doubled running time, Snyder’s version offers this existing sequence more breathing room; it allows for more opportunities for Diana to (at least, overtly) announce who she is and what she’s doing. After the dust settles, one schoolgirl even asks Wonder Woman if she can be like her someday, to which the Amazonian warrior announces, “You can be anything you want to be.” It’s a fine lesson, but also a fairly obvious one, delivering a sloganized take on Wonder Woman’s ethos that would be embarrassing if Gadot didn’t sell it so hard.

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