Gladiator 2 – First Trailer (2024) Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington

Gladiator 2 releases its first images, finally unveiling characters played by Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, and more. After the success of his first film in 2000, director Ridley Scott is set to return to the gladiatorial arena with an upcoming sequel starring Mescal as a grown-up Lucius.

GLADIATOR 2 – First Trailer (2024) Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington |  Paramount Pictures

The Gladiator 2 cast features an impressive roster of actors, including the returning Connie Nielsen, and newcomers Pascal, Denzel Washington, Fred Hechinger, and Joseph Quinn. The images tease a bloody fight between Mescal and Pascal’s General Acacius, the latter of whom is revealed to have trained under Russell Crowe’s Maximus.

Washington, meanwhile, will be playing an arms dealer named Macrinus, while Quinn plays Emperor Geta. Fred Hechinger is also featured in the images as Emperor Caracalla.

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