“Excitement builds as billboards tease the arrival of Billie Eilish’s new era.”

A series of billboards teasing Billie Eilish‘s new album recently popped up worldwide. They feature various lyric snippets and her iconic Blohsh symbol.


So far, at least two have appeared in the United States according to Variety—one in New York City and one in Eilish’s hometown, Los Angeles, California. None of the billboards contain the artist’s face. However, her trademark Blohsh symbol denotes that they belong to her. Each billboard displays different lyrics from an unreleased song called “True Blue” on her upcoming third studio album. Some of the lines include “I try to live in black and white,” “She’s the headlights I’m the deer,” and “Did I cross the line?”


The billboards feature a shade of blue that is now Eilish’s profile photo on her social media pages. Moreover, fans speculate that this color sets the theme for this anticipated album.

The “bad guy” singer’s team used a similar tactic to promote her album Happier Than Ever in 2021. Leading up to the project’s release, billboard advertisements hinting at it cropped up in major cities worldwide.


Since Happier Than Ever, Eilish and her brother/musical collaborator Finneas haven’t released any other LPs. Although they put out a few singles and toured in the interim, their most notable project thus far was their song for the Barbie film “What Was I Made For?”

On February 22, Eilish took to Instagram to announce that she finished mastering her upcoming album. Mastering is usually the last step before an album is manufactured and delivered to streaming services.


According to Variety, she and Finneas used “What Was I Made For?” as a creative springboard for this third project. They had been stagnant up until the Barbie single, and it provided the push they needed to finish the album.

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