Details on Lil Wayne’s Reaction Upon Learning of Tyga’s Release from Young Money’s Contract

Lil Wayne is not happy Tyga was out from his Young Money deal-xayah by nlong




Little Wayne Is Not Happy Tyga was released from his Young Money deal.


Most people were caught off guard by Tyga’s label transfer to G.O.O.D. Music, including Lil Wayne, the boss of Tyga’s previous label Young Money, who is displeased that one of his MCs was released from his contract without his consent. TMZ claims that Weezy disapproved of Tyga’s approval of his signing from the Cash Money label, of which the New Orleans rapper owns 49%.

According to the website, “Wayne feels his John Hancock was necessary to seal the deal, and had he been consulted, he would have vetoed it anyway, even though Birdman owns a majority stake.”is just one more thing that is destroying Lil Wayne and Birdman’s friendship. Birdman, who oversees Cash Money and has a controlling share in Young Money, has been in the headlines lately due to financial difficulties and legal troubles.



Birdman is allegedly being sued by Tunechi for $51 million, alleging that he spent over $100 million of their Universal Music Group advance on his ex-friend. Wayne wants to depart Cash Money, but not before trying to be paid by Birdman.





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