Dark times are upon us, my friends, as the legendary John Constantine makes his long-awaited return in the thrilling trailer for “Constantine 2”!

Years after his harrowing battles against the forces of darkness, the world-weary occult detective is once again called upon to confront a new and even more terrifying threat. Played once more by the incomparable Keanu Reeves, Constantine finds himself drawn into a web of arcane mysteries and supernatural horrors that could spell doom for all of humanity.

CONSTANTINE 2 – First Trailer (2024) Keanu Reeves Movie | Warner Bros

The trailer teases a visually stunning and unforgiving journey, as Constantine navigates a world teetering on the edge of cataclysmic chaos. From the gritty urban landscapes of a city plagued by demonic incursions to the unspeakable horrors that lurk in the shadows, every frame is imbued with a sense of dread and foreboding.

Constantine 2 | Official Trailer | Keanu Reeves (2024) Movie | DC Comics -  Warner Bros

Fans of the original 2005 film will delight in seeing Reeves reprise his role as the chain-smoking, trenchcoat-clad antihero, whose gruff exterior belies a deep well of inner torment and a relentless determination to save the world from the forces of evil. Joining him is a talented ensemble cast, including the return of fan-favorite characters and the introduction of captivating new allies and adversaries.

Under the deft direction of acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, “Constantine 2” promises to be a visceral, action-packed descent into the darkest realms of the occult. With its gritty visual style, pulse-pounding set pieces, and a narrative that delves deep into the very nature of good and evil, this film is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

So, steel your nerves, my friends, and prepare to bear witness to the return of the one and only John Constantine – the world’s last, best hope against the forces of darkness. “Constantine 2” will arrive in theaters in the summer of 2024, and it’s a must-see event for fans of the genre and cinematic storytelling alike.

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