Cleopatra (2025) Teaser Trailer – Gal Gadot,Joaquin Phoenix,Michael.. – Modern Ai Concept

Gal Gadot stars in “Cleopatra,” an epic film directed by Kari Skogland, with a screenplay by Laeta Kalogridis. This long-awaited tape, set to premiere in the summer of 2025, promises a spectacular and fascinating insight into Egypt’s legendary queen.
Egyptian broadcaster makes its own Cleopatra documentary following  Netflix's 'blackwashing' series | Daily Mail Online
Gadot, known for her role in “Wonder Woman,” joins this ambitious project, where the political intrigues, grandeur, and myths surrounding Cleopatra will be explored.Netflix accused of 'blackwashing' new docu-series Queen Cleopatra by  casting black British actress | Daily Mail Online
With stunning visual effects and an engaging narrative, “Cleopatra” seeks to redefine the history of this iconic figure for a new generation.
The movie will only be seen in theaters, ensuring a complete cinematic experience with advanced technologies such as Dolby Cinema and IMAX. Fans can expect a powerful performance from Gadot and a visually impressive approach from Skogland.
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