Avril Lavigne Was Shocked When Eminem Came To Pay Her Respect At MTV VMA – The Meeting Has Left Her Shaking

It was Avril Lavigne’s first award show, and her emotions ran high. Meeting Eminem didn’t help her to calm down.

In 2002, Eminem took MTV VMAs by storm, claiming four awards in the  Video Of The Year, Best Male  Video, Best Rap Video, and Best Direction In The Video categories. He was beyond famous and influential, and Lavigne came to win Best New Artist in a Video for “Complicated”. No wonder the meeting has left her shaken.

The Canadian star recalled this event when talking about her career milestones on Entertainment Tonight:

We were backstage and it was like a million people around. Eminem walking up to me and shaking my hand… Meeting him and him knowing who I was, and walking over to me and saying “Whaddup?” and shaking my hand… He’s like, “I respect you, and your music’s cool”. I was about to […] my pants. What is happening?!

Watch the video below:

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