Alien: Romulus – New Trailer

Alien: Romulus is pitting the notorious xenomorph against a younger and more inexperienced space crew than ever before, which could amplify the film’s cosmic terror. Set to arrive in theaters on August 16, 2024, Alien: Romulus will revolve around a group of twentysomething space colonists who inspect a dilapidated old space station and end up encountering the most fearsome lifeform in the universe.

The story will take place somewhere in the decades-long gap between Alien and Aliens, and it’s aiming to collate the styles and tones of those two fan-favorite movies. Director Fede Álvarez, who previously helmed Don’t Breathe and the Evil Dead reboot, recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his approach to Alien: Romulus. He explained how he’ll honor the franchise’s legacy, with a claustrophobic atmosphere and a fresh take on familiar iconography like the facehugger, but he also explained how this movie will differ from the previous entries in the series.

Specifically, Álvarez is focusing on younger characters with less experience in space, which he believes will be more relatable to audiences who have similarly limited experience with the horrors of outer space.

Although it seems impossible, Alien: Romulus’s teaser trailer promises that the reboot will be the first movie in the franchise to feature one sci-fi cinema staple. The Alien movies offer a unique, bleak vision of the future. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation dispassionately sends employees to their doom so they can collect valuable bioweapons, and the Xenomorph proves capable of overpowering many of the newest technological innovations developed by humans.

However, there are a few practicalities that characters in the Alien movies never needed to worry about. For example, the series rarely touches on where the spaceship’s clean water comes from. Similarly, the early Alien movies hand wave the artificial gravity that all of the franchise’s spaceships are equipped with. However, the upcoming reboot Alien: Romulus looks like it will finally confront this plot hole. The first teaser trailer for Alien: Romulus doesn’t tell viewers much about the movie’s plot.alien romulus release date trailer cast: 'Alien: Romulus' release date, trailer, cast: What we know so far - The Economic Times

Instead, the brief teaser simply sees a group of young space travelers terrorized by facehuggers, attacked by fully-grown Xenomorphs, and running desperately through a labyrinthine space station. The teaser also features a zero-gravity scene, a sci-fi movie staple that surprisingly hasn’t appeared in the series before now.

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