50 Cent Responds To Stevie J Calling Him Out For A Fade After Saying He Slept With Diddy!

Stevie J Offers To Fight 50 Cent Over Diddy Home Raid Jokes

What’s good man you and your feelings about daffany cuz?

She would gang them, or is it that you sucking little Rod dick?

However it go, I want shot to fade.

All that, since it’s entertainment, let me beat the out of you on TV or something.

Don’t duck that.

I’m calling you out what you want.

Do Curtis Curtis F respond, Stevie J. after he called him off for a fight, he said, but he never said it wasn’t true.

Lol, Hell yeah, all that he was talking about that video.

I want to fight you one onone.

Get beat up on TV.

It was a article that came out and said that Diddy was showing artists pictures of you having sex with other men to coar them to sleep with him.

Like he ain’t mention that.

All he said was Curtis.

That’s all said, Bro.

There a whole bunch of freaky, weird going on in this industry, bro.

When Didd, he put his armor around you and say: take that, take that Playboy.

Stevie J Challenges 50 Cent Over Comments About Diddy Lawsuit | HipHopDX

Come back to Daddy’s house.

You know what’s about to go on.

So many artists then spoke about.

Look, if you want to be seen in this music video, you want to get this album put out.

You want to get this music video put out.

You want to do this you want to do that?

Bend your ass over in the office.

So many rappers say when you go to them offices, the labels, they want to take you in that room, they want to lock the door and they want to smash you grown ass man hitting another grown ass man.

That is sick, like even with Usher.

Like Usher was 14 when he went to go live with Diddy ain’t.

No telling what the Hell Didd he was doing.

The user that is disgusting and all fit is him doing is being himself.

He been the bully, he been the clown he going to speak out on, especially when he feel like Diddy ain’t.

And Fy felt some type of way about Diddy for years, like I remember.

One time he said that Diddy wanted to take him out shopping.

Diddy turned them down and get sign, and there’s probably a whole bunch of other behind the scenes too, especially with the baby mama situation.

So 50 C is petty as hell.

But, Stevie J Bro, you is never going to escape these allegations.

You was Diddy’s boy to it.

Just admit it.

That a fool man.

What y think about this boy?

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