50 Cent RESPONDS To Stevie J Boxing Offer & Diddy/Al B Sure Coma CONSPIRACY RUMORS

Stevie J Slams 50 Cent Over Diddy Trolling: 'Uncle Tom'

Curtis, what’s good man you and your feelings about daany cuz she would gang them, or is it that you sucking little ride?

However, however it go, I want shot to fade.

All that, since it’s entertainment, let me beat the out of you on TV or something.

Don’t duck that.

I’m calling you out what you want to do.

Curtis, Curtis, what’s up?

Everybody this, the world famous Ed Lover, and you are watching forgotten Kings TV.

That’s right.

Forgotten Kings Tv.

Good son.

Y what’s good?

Frankie Diamond TV man reporting live for Fkz Tv news.

Um, try to take my time with this because I talk real fast man.

But so this is 50 Cent responding to Stevie J. uh, after Stevie Jay last week said he wanted to shoot the fade, respectfully.

Now this is after the news came out that 50s baby moms, daffany Joy, second baby.

Uh, the second kid baby second kid’s mother, uh, was allegedly a sex worker for Diddy and you know, ganging them Alle, allegedly by Stevie J. put it out there.

So you know, 50y had his gripes and he was going in like usual, trolling on the gram, and Stevie J challenged him to a fight.

So now F50 is responded.

Typical troll fashion.

I mean p. did I want to see them box.

Yeah, I mean we’ve seen celebrities box all the time.

We got Mike Tyson coming up against one of the Paul Brothers, but we’re not getting that.

So he’s trolling anyway

And he’s posting V video videos of Stevie J getting beat up by Josin on Love and& Hip Hop.

I believe it was, uh, Josin Hernandez that was the former illegitimate wife.

She’s like a big reality queen star.

Uh her her beating him up.

Also clips of um her back as far as like 2016, talking about Stevie J having gay Pawn addictions.

You know what I mean like just real wild stuff.

Man, I don’t think it’s.

I don’t think anybody is really surprised by any of these allegations that people are say saying about Stevie J. it’s just comedy.

50 Cent Responds To Stevie J's Fight Offer With More Trolling

At at this point, people just laugh at it and I don’t think anyone took it serious.

Uh, and 50s is going to laugh at off like he should.

Why should he take Stevie J serious at at any point?

Realistically, you know, I mean like clowns like that.

You know, don’t take nothing away from what he did, music-

Wise and the bad boy run, but he just moved, kind of funny.

You know what I mean.

You know what mean if Fy continues to troll him and he brings up the fact that Stevie J has never denied any these reports, which is true.

Um, if you want to look into that.

And he also pulls up clips of Stevie J saying on Vl Tv once years ago that it doesn’t bother him, that people think this of him and Y Yada, Y, uh, so that that’s that you know.

Then you got the Alby Shaw situation, where Alby Shaw now, out of the Woodworks, is in, in the works of coming out with a biography, where he’s going to expose everything from his career, everything he did with Kim Porter, the stuff with puff, all of the, all of the, the demons and the skeletons out the closet that he knows about.

You know, timeing is, everything is like.

50 Cent RESPONDS To Stevie J Boxing Offer & Diddy/Al B Sure Coma CONSPIRACY  RUMORS

Where was all of this?

You know, and 50 was like Yo, why, why y’all?

Why y’all, fools, didn’t say nothing?

Why, why?

Why took me to say something?

Uh, But yeah, that’s what’s going on out here.

Man, uh, and Stevie J, you know he hasn’t said anything in respon, but what can he say?

You know what I’m saying, like it is what it is.

But what y’all think, let me know what’s up, man, I’mma be doing some more videos, man, look me up.

Frankie diamonds TV reporting live for Fkz Tv news.

All right, we, The Knockout Kings of Ky. this your boy, Reggie Kl.

Yeah, I’m saying this is my cousin Sco you.

I’m saying coming.

No, I know me, old you with lamb skin condoms.

I don’t even want my man to eat my cuz.

I eat meat from alies, the wrong with you.

You shouldn’t eat this.

We don’t know what the f that meat is.

No, for real, I heard a get in prison.

That’s not the the part about it.

The part about it is: he had the audacity.

Ask me why I ain’t helping him.

A no point of both us.

Step up.

Look him right in his eyes.

He go to Pat me down.

$20 homeboy.

I’m like Sir.

First of all, can I ask Yall a personal question?

Is this microphone really necessary?

Come on, we knock y’all out.

We knock y’all with punch line, punch line, punch line.

You know how we turn.

Give me a second.

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